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Tips for better singing

Warm up your vocal chords

An important part of every rehearsal and performance for Setanta is the warm up session.

The purpose of these exercises is to warm up the vocal chords to avoid damage with some exercises to help you get the most from your voice.

These exercises can help you to discover more of your voice and how to use it which can also help to determine which section of the choir you belong.

Determing your vocal range

It is important that you feel comfortable singing when you come to rehearsals. For ladies, if you feel more comfortable singing in the bottom part of your range, then maybe the alto section is the place for you.

Alternatively, if you are in the alto section, can reach the top notes and would feel happier singing predominantly melody, then perhaps you should be in the Sopranos. If you’re a guy and want to sing in the upper part of your range, then the tenor section is for you and vice versa.

If you are just joining the choir or have recently joined and have no idea where your vocal range belongs then talk to us. We’re quite happy for you to come along and join us, and switch between sections if you want to try them out. We’ll do our best to help you find the place you feel most comfortable in for your voice range.

If however you feel too shy or embarrassed to come to us right now, try the vocal range video above first and see for yourself. Remember, no section is more important than the other and if you are struggling it is not enjoyable.

It takes all of the sections to make good music and the better the sections perform, the better the choir.