Setanta Choir

We know the Score


Our History

“Too shy to sing alone? Sing along with Setanta.”

These words on our first posters, which were passed around a few friends and acquaintances, led to our first choir practice in the concert hall in Dún Lughaidh School, on a cold October night in 1978.

Setanta Choir 1978

What we needed now was a uniform, so the ladies were kitted out in the haute couture of the day and the men donned dress suits for a first foray into the world of showbiz.

As you can see from the picture on the left we cut quite a dash! Naming the choir after the legendary local hero Setanta, we set about building a repertoire. Soon the numbers were swelling and we were ready for our first competition.

How it all began

This first performance was at the Galway Choral Festival where, we didn’t win a prize, but discovered the recipe for the fun that has since become the Setanta ethic. These founder members set the scene for a phenomenon that was to become as well known for the craic as for its performances.

Today, Setanta maintains a healthy balance between World class performances and first class fun. Raising money for charities both home and abroad, Setanta has a strong community spirit, regularly giving local talent and schools the opportunity of performing at their concerts. Indeed, many now successful singers and musicians honed their skills on the boards of one of Setanta’s concerts, Ronan Tinan, Zoe Conway, ***** to name but a few.


Setanta Choir Members 1978

Margaret Breen
Kelma Hopkins
Pearl McAdam
Úna McAvinchey
Pauline McErlane
Patricia Treacy
Mamie Warren

Nora Byrne
Neasa Dennedy
Attracta Jordan
Anne Manning
Joan Murphy
Venora O’Brien
Madeleine O’Neill
Una Taaffe

Pat Clarke
Peter Halpenny
Noel Murphy
Brian Lennon

Paul Clancy
Hugh Curtis
Danny Gilmore
David Griffin
Joe McDonald
Dan O’Connell