Setanta Choir Conductor

We know the Score

The Committee

The members of the committee are voted in by the choir members and are responsible for the management of the choir.  The committee is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the choir and following up on suggestions and requests expressed by the choir members. All matters arising at any committee meeting are decided by a simple majority vote.

Its meetings will be open to the attendance of members of the Choir by prior arrangement and agreement with the Chair.

Choir members are informed on a regular basis in meetings, following / before rehearsals and by email and or text. All choir members are invited to the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for membership of the Committee may be made at any time up to the time of the election at the Annual Meeting.

The Committee Members

Treasurer : Celia Coyle
Administrator : Pat Clinton
Secretary : Murt O’Seaghdha
Librarian : Maura Morgan
Archivist : Fiona Lennon
Marketing / Web / PR : Cathie Clifford
Soprano Reps :
Maura Morgan, Carmel Hamilton

Alto Rep : Mary Murphy
Tenor Rep: Jim Duffy
Bass Rep : Joe McDonald.

       Musical Director : Úna Murphy